Sunday, June 20, 2010


From Jim:

Since my battle last year with cancer I have been dealing with "what the doctors call" permanent nerve damage in my hands, arms, and feet so it is sometimes very hard to type. Also I have been somewhat busy as well. There is my excuse for not filling you in on the last couple of services poor as it may be. Today is not so bad so here we go:

Camile Griffith Graham, Saturday the 12th:
I was privileged to lead the team for Tamara with Denea, Lee, Joy, Perry and Dolly to minister to the women.

Joy was our MC for the night and opened with prayer.

Lee ministered in praise and Worship which got the ladies excited about what was to come for the evening. Lee also ministered with encouragement and testimony.

Dolly shared about her troubled relationship with her step father and left the ladies in tears as they dealt with their own issues of unforgiveness.

Denea came up to minister in worship before Perry spoke and was led to share a little about her family heritage before singing, she also had the ladies in tears, both from her testimony as well as her leading us in worship.

Perry then spoke to the women about "Are you a committed christian"? The ladies who attended the service were definitely changed as was the team.

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