Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tabor City Correctional Inst. 5/30/210

From Jim:

Sunday morning we got into the van at 8:45 in the morning for the long drive to Tabor City, NC where we were able to do our first morning (actually afternoon) service at this facility, normally we go into this unit in the evenings.

Martha, Denea, and Rev. Lee along with my wife Joy, and I enjoyed a great time of fellowship on the drive down. This sometimes is the highlight of our out of town trips since we get to spend time with our ministry family that we usually do not get too much time with otherwise.

We arrived at the unit around 1:00 in the afternoon and were treated like royalty by the staff, this is not usual at a lot of the places we go, so it is refreshing to be received so well by staff. The officer in charge of us seemed to have a good time with us as well.

Service started with Lee opening with prayer after which she introduced Martha. Those who know Martha know she has a way of getting the crowd excited with her singing praises and worship.

Denea followed her with her own style of worship that the men have received so well, she walks in an awesome anointing to lead the men into the presence of our God and Savior.

Lee then sang a couple of songs, one of which I requested. It sings of the names of God and what they mean. Lee sang this song a couple of weeks back during our service at Mt. Pleasant and God healed my torn rotor cuff in my left arm that has been hurting for over 4 years. This song is kind of special to me because of that healing.

I then had a chance to bring the word to the men about what happens when you truly make Jesus Lord over all of your life.

What made this extra special was after the service the officer in charge came over and shook my hand and thanked me (and the team) for coming. Most of the time the officers can not show their support because they can not show emotion and or what seems like weakness around the men for obvious reasons.

All in all, this was an extra special time of worship for all of us, both the inmates as well as our team.

The drive home seemed to go really fast after this time with the men and with Jesus. We spent over 8 hours on the road and an hour and a half in service and yet it seemed like just a couple of hours to me.

Thank you so much to those who send us, it means more than you can know to us that you still send us during this time of recession when so many have had to stop giving for one reason or another. Things have been really tight, yet there seems to be just enough when we need it because of you. Thank you again, Jim

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