Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guatemala 2010

From Jim:

Since 2003 we have been going to Guatemala two to three times each year to do missions.

These trips have resulted in more salvations than we can count. There have been healings, deliverances, and lives recommitted to Jesus. We have built new relationships with the pastors and people in the local churches in Guatemala, Jalapa, Chiquimula, Chimaltenalgo, and other cities and villages as well.

We have a church plant in Guatemala with a local pastor who loves Jesus and truly has a pastor's heart. He even goes with us to minister in other cities to help evangelize the local people.

We have watched God move in ways that can not be put in type, more times than we can remember.

Last year because of the cancer battle I went through we were unable to take any teams to the mission field but we are now planning our next trip for October of this year.

Our plans are to visit Guatemala city to minister in a youth conference where the last time we were there, we watched God not only train up, but mightily use them to bring about change in their community.

We are then planning on visiting Jalapa to train up pastors who will be brought in from far reaching villages that we could not reach in a short term mission trip. We will do this by bringing them in by bus, 4X4, or any means of transportation that will bring them into the city where we will set up a pastors conference in a local venue for the teaching sessions.

To close out our trip, we plan to visit Chiquimula where we will evangelize, this place is the least evangelized area of all Guatemala where there are only 2% Christian.

This trip is planned for October 14th through the 25th and is currently open for new team members. This trip will be life changing for those who have never been and will excite those who already have.

If you are interested in joining us, or contributing to the trip, please call us at our office or email us to let us know. Contact information below.

The Father's Heart Ministries
Office phone 704-786-4511

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