Tuesday, April 27, 2010


From Jim:

This week we still have Stonewall Jackson YDC on Thursday evening, (we need volunteers for this weekly ministry) and Cabarrus Corr. Ctr. volunteer appreciation dinner on the same date, Sunday Morning we will be going into Swannaoa Correctional Inst for women, please keep these things in prayer as we go.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Stonewall Jackson YDC

From Kevin:

Tonight at Stonewall Jackson I spoke with the boys about the Ten Commandments and that at the heart of them is God looking out for our best interest. Many times it's not easy to follow God's rules and sometimes it will cost you, but it's always worth it. God didn't give us commands so we could have a relationship with Him, He gave us a relationship with Him so we could follow His commands.

Cabarrus Correctional Center

From Cabarrus Correctional Center"

You are cordially invited to

Come Help Us
Celebrate !


DATE: April 29th, 2010

TIME: 6:00 p.m.


P.O. BOX 158
MT. PLEASANT, N.C. 28124
(704) 436-6519 or E-Mail

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stonewall Jackson YDC

From Kevin:

Last Thursday I spoke to the guys at Stonewall Jackson about how God likes to choose the weak and foolish things to confound the wise. I shared with them the stories of Moses, Gideon and others who most of us would have never picked to do the things they did. Moses was a murderer and afraid to go alone. Gideon hid at night to thresh wheat when the Midianites were terrorizing the land and need repeated signs to give him courage, yet the angel of the Lord called him a mighty warrior before he ever drew his sword. God doesn't just see us as we are or what we have been. He also sees what we can and will be! All of these young men have done terrible things to be where they are today, but God is focused on what they can be! How do you view those that are locked away? Not only do we need to see them as God sees them, but as God sees us... mighty warriors!

Monday, April 12, 2010

This weeks ministries

Jim reports:

Please keep our ministries in prayer for this week.

We will start out tonight with our second monthly meeting at Cabarrus Correctional Center. This unit has become harder to get into for us as volunteers over the last few months, things like new staff, new officers, and changing around many of the staff to other positions.
All that to say this: we have had problems getting some of our volunteers in because of small issues and we need favor with the staff at the gate house when we show up for services.
Some other ministries have been sent home, some have been detained for almost half of the service time they were scheduled.
We will have our local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist Association as guests tonight, they will sing, bring testimony, and preach the Word of God and we need favor to get them in.

Thursday we will have Cabarrus Correctional Center again with Dog and Butterfly leading that team in for service. Again, please remember them in prayer for the same reasons.

Also we will have our regular weekly meeting at Stonewall Jackson School for the boys with small group discussion, please pray for new volunteers in this institution.

And on Sunday we will have Samarkand Manor in Eagle Springs, NC. There are both boys and girls at this unit now and we can use your help there also. Colleen will head up that team and has been doing a wonderful job. Thanks Colleen!

Please pray for favor, pray the inmates (and youth) will receive what God wants them to receive, pray we as volunteers will be obedient to Holy Spirit, and pray the officers and staff will receive as well.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer and your finances, we love you!

Southern Correctional Inst. (womens)

Jim's report:

Joel preached last night at Southern Correctional Inst. in Troy, NC with us to over 100 female inmates. 28 women ran to the front when the altar-call was given, and fell on their knees weeping and repenting. 15-20 received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, about 12 women received instant healing in their bodies.

Joel will be leaving us to return to Rescue Atlanta. He worked with them a few years back and he along with Pat, both feel God is telling them to return. We will miss them but will see them from time to time as they return for different ministry opportunities.

Please keep them in prayer so they will continue to prosper in ministry and in business.

They will be missed!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cabarrus Correctional Center

From Jim:

Wonderful service tonight at Mt, Pleasant, Don opened with something God showed him this morning while studying and praying.

Martha then sang with her usual uplifting style that led the guys into a time of worship and praise.

Brenda closed the service with a word about making it all the way through the situation we are in, trusting in Jesus to help us make it through with out falling or becoming discouraged.

All in all, a great service (as usual) at Cabarrus Correctional Center.

This week in ministry

Jim's report:

The services at Tabor City Correctional Inst. went well last night, we had a great time of ministry with Don and Victoria, Denea, Lee, Joy, and myself. There was great expectation as the service started with Victoria giving a word of encouragement, Denae led us in intimate worship, and Rev Lee brought a strong word. God sure came down as we worshipped our way into His presence.

Tonight is Cabarrus Correctional Center with our usual Monday night service.

Thursday we have Stonewall Jackson YDC small group meetings, we can use new people to help with this as the boys love having us come and spend time with them. We also will have new opportunity to go into other areas within the unit as our team of volunteers increases.

Saturday Pastor David will be going into Cabarrus Correctional with a team from his church (Lighthouse of Lewisville) to minister to the inmates.

Next Sunday evening there will be teams going back into Stonewall Jackson for monthly services as well as a team going into Southern Correctional Inst. for women.

Please keep these teams and the inmates in prayer this week, we need the covering.