Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on London Mission Trip

The opportunity to minister on radio and/or tv fell through because the individual who would have made that possible had to go out of town but, we are experiencing real ministry; to the homeless, to the people in their homes in that we have watched demons (believe or not, this stuff is real!) come out, and people receive healing, we have been encouraging people house to house, as well as prayer for them.
We have met at the medical clinic with patients and we have prayed with them. We met the administrator, and are about to meet with the doctors for lunch with a time to share about God's sustaining and healing power.

Update: We just had lunch with the medical staff and Doctors and I had the opportunity to share about the peace of Christ and the role that Jesus and the doctors played in my recovery as I walked out my battle with cancer. I was also able to thank them for the work they do on behalf of the patients they work with every day. Theirs is a thankless job in socialized medicine here in the UK.

We will be praying with a man with cancer and much, much, more before we come home.

Wow, and some people think we are on vacation.

We shared in home group, we have ministered individually as needed.

We are willing, we are able, and we are going!

As The Lord leads, as He provides, we will go, to the least of these, to those who have it all, here we are Lord, send us!

Btw: we never met the budget for this trip and had to take money from other places to come. If you can help? It would be appreciated.

We have experienced the biggest loss of finances we have ever faced and it is really tough at this time, please, please keep us in prayer and also pray about giving into this ministry, we are experiencing new, or I should say added direction for The Father's Heart but we do not get government funding, grants or any other large source.
We receive mostly $5.00, $10:00, $20.00 gifts and those have dwindled down to almost nothing. No gift is too small!
EVERY dime sent to us is appreciated, prayed over, and used to further the out reaches for the Kingdom of God.

They say we are over the recession? I think I may have to question that.

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